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2020 Golden Sneaker Contest

The contest is happening from February 24 to March 6, and it encourages parents and students to reduce car trips by using active and shared transportation options such as: Walking, Biking, Skateboarding, using a scooter, or any other human-powered wheels, Riding the school bus, Using public transit such as AC Transit or BART, or Carpooling with other families.
At the end of the two-week contest period, the class with the most points will be awarded a Golden Sneaker Trophy and will celebrate their efforts with a party.
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District English Language Advisory Committee

Join the DELAC parents and families as we learn more about what San Lorenzo Adult School has to offer on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 6pm at the District Office. We will also get to hear our student winner of the CABE's statewide writing contest. Click for more details.
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Get to Know Our District--Student Behavior Supports

The LCAP Steering Committee invites you to an evening of information regarding the support systems we have for student behavior! This meeting is Monday, December 9th from 6:00-8:00pm in the Arroyo High School Library. We will have dinner at 5:30pm, as well as childcare and Spanish/ Chinese translation. Click the Title!
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